172. The Shape of Pasta

Busiate. Strangulet. Rasccatieddi di Miscchieddu. They're all types of pasta. In America, most people can rattle off maybe five: spaghetti, linguini, penne, tortellini, rigatoni. In Italy, there are hundreds of variations, many particular to a specific region or even a tiny hamlet. But as culture and customs become more homogenized, and as the remote villages … Continue reading 172. The Shape of Pasta

171. Katy Clarke

Katy Clarke is exactly the person I would be if I were smarter, braver, outgoing, enterprising and entrepreneurial. Like me, she has a passion for Italy, and an unending urge to explore every corner, taste every morsel, meet every person, and absorb every bit of the culture she can find. Unlike me, she has managed … Continue reading 171. Katy Clarke

168. Mangia Bene

Food is always going to be a centerpiece of any trip to Italy. Future chefs learning their trade at the Central Market in Florence Now that everyone has watched Stanley Tucci's series, it is old news that Italian cuisine ranges far beyond the red-sauce dishes that form the foundation of Italian-American cooking. Tucci showcases the … Continue reading 168. Mangia Bene

167. In Style

I am always alert to how people do themselves up in a Italy. Much has been said about la bella figura (which literally means "beautiful figure," but figuratively means making a good impression), and there is no question that the average person on the street in Italy cares more about looking nice than the average … Continue reading 167. In Style