162. Sicilian Wonder Years

I have managed to get through two years of this pandemic without getting hooked on watching much of anything. Sure, I eagerly awaited the weekly Tucci episode, and didn't miss the latest installment of Only Murders in the Building, even though I never had the faintest idea what was going on. But many of the … Continue reading 162. Sicilian Wonder Years

161. Italy v. Britain: Compare and Contrast

Anyone who knows me knows that putting me on a long haul flight that doesn’t terminate in Italy is wasting my time. That said, my husband should get his way at least some of the time, so a week ago, we headed to London, for some hiking in the British countryside and so that he … Continue reading 161. Italy v. Britain: Compare and Contrast

155. Mosaics

What a difference eight centuries make! Within a 24-hour period, I was able to view two of the world’s greatest mosaic-filled structures, built nearly a millennium apart. The first, Villa Romana del Casale, was a huge residential complex constructed in the 4th century, by a rich and powerful figure in the waning days of the … Continue reading 155. Mosaics