133. After the Tempest

It finally happened.

Always taking photos — the clouds starting to lift

After daily predictions that proved untrue, the rain finally began. And rain it did, in violent bursts interspersed with glimpses of bright sun, as if to lure us outside only to be drenched. But when it was finally done, it was as if the air in Bardolino had been cleaned, washing away the heat and humidity and replacing it with cool, crisp air and golden light.

The light after the storm

We were apprehensive, though, about venturing too far from home for dinner in case the skies opened up again. Ben had noticed a restaurant, La Vigna, just a block away that had good reviews. So why not try there?

The problem was its location, attached to a pharmacy in a small shopping center. Did we come all the way to the lakes of Italy to eat dinner overlooking the Lidl parking lot?

Note the Lidl sign on the left

Apparently, yes. And it turned out to rank as one of our best meals ever. Long after the restaurants with scenic views are forgotten, we’ll be saying, “Remember that wonderful dinner in the Lidl parking lot?”

Tagliatelle with clams, asparagus and pesto

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