142. The People of Venezia

Venice is a place of such singular and breathtaking beauty that one just wanders about, awe-struck. I’m amazed I didn’t walk into a canal, I spent so much time watching everything but where I was going.

I was particularly interested in how people navigate the place, both figuratively and literally. How do people go about their days? Here are some photos of daily life in Fairyland.

So hard to choose
Lady keeps an eye on her neighborhood, South Philly-style
Model waiting for the photo shoot in St. Mark’s Square
Early morning routine
University laureata celebrating her college graduation, wearing the traditional laurel wreath
Gondoliers waiting for their next fares
Morning rush hour
Traghetto driver ferries people across the Grand Canal for two euro
Closing shop at the end of a long work day

3 thoughts on “142. The People of Venezia

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Venice and hope to make it there someday — thank you for making it feel like we’re right there with you by sharing your beautiful photos and captions


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