159. Taking Care of Business

I love working. I realize that I’m one of the lucky few who can say that, but I love having a reason to jump out of bed in the morning, a sense of purpose. It’s a primary piece of how I define myself. It’s probably where I am my best self.

So I am always interested in seeing others making their way through their days, doing whatever it is they do. Here’s what I saw in Italy.

Morning rush in Milano. (How many English words can you count in one little scene?)
Pizzaiolo waiting for his next order
Dog leading his pack up Mt. Etna
Fishmonger cutting up tuna at Il Capo market in Palermo. There is only a six-week tuna season in May and June; Sicilians wouldn’t dream of eating it outside of that window.
Man singing outside the Duomo in Milan inspires dancing in the street.
Mt. Etna guide runs through his explanations in Italian, French and English, making the monolingual American in the crowd feel dumb.
Man demonstrating his amazing souvenir citrus juicer.
Yes, I couldn’t resist.
Dog trying to look fierce guarding his master’s flower shop.
Actually looking fierce

One thought on “159. Taking Care of Business

  1. I am so impressed you guys climbed Mt. Etna. That’s worthy of a blog itself. All Kathie and I ever did was watch it belch smoke from the comfort of our wonderful hotel patio in Taormina😎👏.


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