1. On the Bus

Made our way painstakingly on the subway this morning to the central station in Napoli, to catch the bus to our Messors art restoration program, clear across Italy on the eastern side, in Gravina in Puglia. Going on back roads across the boot, making stops at tiny towns along the way. Quite a contrast to the wonderful frenzy of Napoli.

As always in Italy, it’s all about the food. Had a great lunch beforehand at an Autogrill at the station, and broke with tradition and had the best cappuccino of our trip so far, even though it was after 11:00. I think the baristas here have finally grown accustomed to Americans needing their cappuccino at all hours of the day and night. Ben took advantage of his last chance for a true Naples sfogliatelle, and bought one for the ride.

I know virtually nothing about what we have in store, and I’m filled with apprehension. From what the program has posted on Instagram, I see that the participants are from Singapore, the Philippines, Canada, Denmark and the U.S. How bad can it be?

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