22. Two perfect drinks

I’m not much of an alcohol drinker, but if I were, Aperol Spritz would be my drink. Begun in northern Italy, but now available throughout, it’s a mix of Aperol, prosecco, seltzer, and an orange slice. It’s beautiful to look at, and the perfect combination of sweet and refreshing.

I AM a coffee drinker, though, and look forward to my decaf cappuccino every day when I get home from work. There is a version down here, called an espressino, that I’ve seen only in Puglia, which is halfway between a macchiato and a cappuccino in both size and milk content. It even has its own medium-sized cup. Not as harsh as a macchiato, but not as overly-milky as a cappuccino. It even allows me to avoid the eye-rolling Americans get when ordering a cappuccino after 11 AM. Perfetto!

Here is my espressino next to a macchiato.

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