35. Crockery

I was surprised to see the article on Grottaglie in today’s New York Times. Grottaglie is a town in very southern Puglia that is known for its ceramics. The town is cram-packed with ceramics shops, which are themselves cram-packed with their wares. The whole thing can make you dizzy.

I am reminded of our day there in 2015, where we were overwhelmed by the treasures. Here are some examples from the shops. We settled on these three little treasures, which I get pleasure seeing every day.

Grottaglie is in the news today because it is being put forward as the site of a launchpad for suborbital flights, which would reduce the US-Italy trip to an hour and a half. This would open all sorts of opportunities for both tourism and commerce. The region’s president is quoted as saying, “Have you ever eaten a fresh fig? A fig from Puglia, if it arrives fresh to Los Angeles, could cost six to seven euros!” It wouldn’t be quite the same as buying it fresh from the tree in Gravina from this man, but I’ll bet it would still be pretty good.

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