68. The Mother Ship

When in Rome … on Easter, the obvious thing to do is head to the Mother Ship. It’s almost too obvious. But there I was today, with 80,000 other tourists and locals, for the Easter Mass in St. Peter’s Square.

I am a world-class stander. The instructions “Get there early” don’t scare me a bit. (I was outside in Philadelphia one February night, seven months pregnant, waiting for Bruce Springsteen tickets to go on sale, so this was nothing.) So I was standing in the line by 9, and shortly thereafter, Mass began on the steps of St. Peter’s, far in the distance. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the people-watching, took a million photos, and even had the comfort of a railing to lean on.

But then — Wait, what??? — Is he getting in the Popemobile to come into the crowds? And — Wait, what? — is he coming my way? Who knew leaning on that railing meant that I was right up front!?!

An observation — everyone, including me (especially me?) was totally consumed with taking photos on their phones. I don’t imagine that’s supposed to be the point. I wonder what he makes of that?

2 thoughts on “68. The Mother Ship

  1. Amazing! Buona Pasqua! The shot in which he posed for you is a treasure. Nancy and I were in Venice at the same time. We’ll be home soon.


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