75. Scenes of Rome

As I’ve found throughout Italy, the streets are filled with well-behaved, clearly pampered dogs, many of whom make their way around the city, unleashed but smart enough not to get into fights or run into traffic. Here’s a little guy who works in his father’s bar, greeting guests and being generally adorable. This photo was taken just a few moments before he peed on the floor next to our table as we were eating lunch.Here’s another guy, whose owner hopes he’ll become an Instagram sensation. Maria tells me so far, not many followers, but you can’t stop a little dog from dreaming.The major monuments and events in Rome are protected by soldiers, wielding machine guns, looking fierce except for the odd headgear with the tassels on it. What do they signify? How do they stay on?Tomato pies in a bakery featuring specialties of Puglia. Sorry, South Philly, yours are good, but it’s not even close.And there’s nothing like a perfect cappuccino at a cafe on Campo de Fiori, site of Rome’s outdoor market.

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