88. Worth a Thousand Words

A friend recently drew my attention to the America-Italy Society of Philadelphia, as she thought I might be interested in their Italian language classes. The classes looked great, although probably too advanced for the likes of me, but what really drew my attention was the Society’s “My Italy” photo contest. Members were invited to “showcase the most creative and captivating images of Italy, while illuminating the passion, lifestyle and culture of the photographers.”

I got that little “I can do this” ping I get in my brain sometimes, when something seems just right. I have the passion, and God knows, I have a million photographs of Italian themes. I have taken and retaken photography classes with the wonderful George Tate, in the hopes of learning to capture vibrant images of people and places that really give you a sense of what life is like there. I don’t have much interest in scenery, and frankly, in Italy, you can pretty much shoot out the window blindfolded and end up with something pretty.

Participants were allowed to submit a maximum of five photos. Here are mine, two of which were selected as finalists. Can you guess which?

My two finalists were the wedding shots with the bridesmaid in orange. I took them on my phone when I happened upon a wedding in Gravina in Puglia.

The Society had a reception last week, where the three winners were chosen and announced, two chosen by experts and one voted by everyone in attendance. Did I win? No. Was I disappointed? No (well, maybe a little). But I think this beautiful evocative image by Rick Valenti, chosen by the crowd, deserved it.

There were some smaller satisfactions, though. When the finalists were asked to introduce ourselves and our photos, I’m sure I heard some murmurs of appreciation from the crowd. One person was kind enough to whisper to me, “I liked yours best, and I know what I’m talking about.”

But lest I get too high on my horse, for some reason, they had my name as Angelina Simeone. Huh? Who’s that? I can only think it’s punishment for the sin of pride.

4 thoughts on “88. Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Great wedding photos. When and where, and did you know the wedding couple or did you just stumble upon the ceremony?

    Regardless, they are beautiful and really capture the moment. Your photographic eye is primo.


    1. We just stumbled on it, when we were in Gravina in Puglia, doing the Messors art restoration program. That’s the beauty part of always having a phone (and camera!) in one’s pocket. You never know what you’ll see!–Gigi


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