14. Morning run

I am lucky to be both an early riser and a runner. When I travel, I have the joint pleasures of getting in some exercise before anyone else is up and ready to go, and most especially, having the joy of getting to know a foreign town as it wakes up and starts its day, in that beautiful morning golden light.

In Italy, that means hearing the clink of spoons on porcelain cappuccino cups, watching people sweeping the streets in front of their houses or hanging their laundry off their balconies. One odd thing I noticed is that the streets are filled with men. Men waiting for buses on their way to work, men having an espresso and cornetto at their favorite bar, and men making and serving that cafe.

Zero women out of their houses at 6 am. Where are they all?

One thought on “14. Morning run

  1. HI…. I’ve been reading all of the posts but it took me awhile to get a login and be able to comment. Such an incredible trip – keep posting!


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