24. Boys’ Town

The passeggiata is a great Italian tradition throughout the entire country in which everyone takes to the streets at the end of the day to chat with friends, eat gelato, seen and be seen.

But is it truly everyone? In Gravina I’ve noticed that the passeggiata is nearly entirely male. I took photos of nearly 100 older men out in the town center, sitting in the identical spots as the night before, chatting with the same pals they’ve probably been chatting with for the past seventy years. But zero women.

So where are the women? My first thought was home preparing the evening meal, though that’s not the elaborate meal that lunchtime is, so that can’t be right. I like to imagine they’re all secretly meeting, planning the overthrow of worlds large and small.

They are out in great force later on, however, when all generations are together enjoying summer evenings in town.

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