152. Prima Classe

If I won the Megabucks, I wouldn’t change much.

I wouldn’t quit my job, or buy a second home, even in Italy. I’d still drive my fourteen-year-old Hyundai, and shop at Target and Marshall’s. I’d pass on Michelin three-stars and eat at greasy spoons and little ethnic holes in the wall. There’s only one life upgrade I long for, and that is to always fly overseas first class.

The pre-flight lounge.

Several years ago on a flight out west in my usual sardine class, I was crammed next to a young man. We got to talking, and he told me that he always flies to Paris on La Compagnie, an airline where the only class is first. I stored that little scrap of information in my fading memory bank, and a few weeks ago, when I saw an announcement on Facebook that La Compagnie had just expanded to offer flights from Newark to Milan, I pounced. With their promotional fare, it was only $200 more than our usual economy flights from Philly to Italy, well worth the money and the two-hour drive in my book.

So is first class everything it’s cracked up to be? Short answer is a resounding yes. Comfortable lounge with free food and drink beforehand. Greeted with champagne on boarding.

Yummy dinner with real silverware

New, spotless plane. Excellent dinner. Most important, the ability to get a few hours of sleep lying down, which allowed for a first day of activity rather than recovery.

A real pillow, too!

But the most telling indicator is that when the pilot announced that we were beginning our descent, instead of thinking “Thank God!” my reaction was “Already?”

We had enough pep to walk two miles to Milan’s Galleria.

6 thoughts on “152. Prima Classe

  1. I’m going to copy cat this! Thanks, Gigi. But I’d really appreciate it if you would buy that second home in Italy!


  2. Loved this. I’m in. And I drive a 21 year old car. And I’ve never been to Milan. I did retire early. But……and, and, and. I enjoy your blog.


  3. Yes, Yes, Yes! This is the way to go. I think all airlines should follow suit. Whose idea was it to cram as many people into a small space as possible for hours on end and think that their customers would be grateful to arrive bleary-eyed and aching from lack of sleep and miserable conditions. $$$$ the all mighty dollar. Have a great time.


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