154. Scenes of Palermo


A clear retort to Philadelphia’s famous LOVE statue, this statue, by pop surrealist artist Angelo Accardi, stands in a central Palermo park. And like Philly’s Rocky statue, there’s a steady stream of people lined up to take a photo in front of it.

Teacher-chaperones who brought their students to see the statue and have their class picture taken in front of it. If this were America, they’d be fired so fast their heads would spin.

The Mob

Given the havoc the Mafia has wreaked on the population, reputation, and economy of Sicily, I was surprised to see Godfather images so abundant. According to our guide Salvo, those are strictly for the benefit of the tourists from America and Eastern Europe, which might give some insight into what Putin is all about.

“I am the Godfather” refrigerator magnets
Even Homer gets in the act.
What the locals really feel

Wedding belles

Even though Italy now has the lowest marriage rate (and the third lowest birth rate) in Europe, there’s something about a bride that seems to move southern Italy. Or at least a bride’s gown. I counted more bridal shops in Palermo in two days than I see in America in a decade.

Just one of many
Sicilian riddle: what’s the difference between a bridal and a First Communion dress? Answer: the size
Waiting for their big moment

Palermo nights

There was something magical about the Palermo nights: the vibrancy of the street life juxtaposed with the timeless beauty of the ancient buildings.

An accordionist coming to our table is something I would ordinarily avoid like the plague. But somehow, in the romance of a Palermo night, it seemed perfect.
A lively scene
The moon over Palermo

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