33. I will never forget…

Stopping for an espressino every morning after my run, the only woman in the bar. “My” barista would prepare my coffee and glass of acqua frizzante as soon as I walked in. Does that make me a regular?

Man beautifully singing “What a wonderful world” in accented English at a karaoke night at a local restaurant. Crowds gathered around (at nearly midnight) and cheered when he finished.

Fireworks at 8 AM for Santa Maria di Carmine, after half an hour of bells.

Rating raw almonds, right off the tree.

Lady crocheting and selling little trinkets outside the cathedral.

The picnic lunches Jennifer prepared.

The boys’ hairdos. We called them “shelves.”

Meeting Giovanni Ragone, an archeologist and speleologist (cave researcher) who discovered “Altamura Man,” a 150,000-year-old skeleton.

All generations out on the streets at night, often all together, with even babies out at midnight.

Having prosecco on a beach in Basilicata.

Writing this blog every day at dawn.

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